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Mike Lathwood, Martial Arts Instructor

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Mike Lathwood

“Gentle or Yielding Way”

(Nidan) Judo Coach Sensei Mike Lathwood has been a judoka since 1992. He is a judo competitor, and his first Judo Shiai was in 1993. That day, he crushed all competitors and won gold. It was a great start to a long judo lifestyle. My first judo tournament was a Ura-Nage (some call it a Supplex), a big Ippon, and so much fun!

Sensei Mike found judo only after practicing karate, kung fu, and other martial arts. Finding Judo in 1993 at Master Yu’s Academy was a perfect match and enhancement to the joy of wrestling he had acquired in High School wrestling.

Judo was Sensei Mike’s next progression into the joy of grappling, and BJJ was the next natural progression where Judo enhances the Big Throws: Nage-Waza, and BJJ enhances the groundwork: Katame-Waza.

Judo Grappling Techniques-Osae-komi-waza. Judo Submissions- joint locks- Kansetsu-waza and Chokes- Shime-waza- can be significantly improved by supplementing your Judo training with BJJ.

Sensei Mike found that his joy in competition (Shiai) was also fulfilled by judo. 100s of judo matches have given him a much greater understanding and knowledge of the Art of Judo.

To quote Jigoro Kano, these understandings and knowledge include;

  • “Maximum efficiency with minimum effort for the mutual welfare and benefit of all.”
    • Maximum efficiency because strength is not the answer
      • I always fought in multiple divisions, including always hitting the tatami weighing 81 kg, fought in heavy, open divisions and higher ranks than himself (with my Sensei approval), and would use the principles of judo that were given to him by Sensei.
    • Mutual benefit because the health and well-being training in Judo/BJJ provides good health and strength as a great exercise routine in your life also, good friends and relationships gained in Judo
    • “In randori (free fighting), we learn to employ the principle of maximum efficiency even when we could easily overpower an opponent.”
      • Create your opportunities and foresee the possibilities
        • Sensei Mike calls this creativity in opportunities found “Judo Tricks.”
      • A chance to face challenges and overcome your limitations
        • There is fear, and fear does not have to be eliminated, but proceeding within fear (within your limitations) and conquering your foe is the greatest reward
      • “If there is effort, there is great accomplishment.” Practicing and training in the principles of Judo/BJJ is not easy, but the reward of great accomplishment comes with that.
        • And besides that, it is a heck of a lot of fun!
        • learning how to throw people around with excellent efficiency and less effort is great fun! ?? GOODTIMES!

I have been practicing judo, BJJ, and Grappling for over 30 years. I Coach and pass on knowledge as Jigoro Kanos's vision is to provide the principles of Judo. See you on the mats! GOODTIMES!

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